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Should Men Cry?

Should Men Cry?

Boys spend a significant part of time from birth to 18 figuring out the question: Should men cry? Girls are often chided if they cry too much, but it’s usually expected that there are going to be weepy times for them. These might be happy times or it could be...

How Often Do You See Sad Men?

Can you remember seeing your dad cry (or any sad men for that matter?) It wouldn’t be that strange if you said ‘no’ or if you really had to dig deep to remember. Maybe it was at a funeral. Was it hidden? Did he try to leave the room or fool you into thinking it was...

A Rat As a Natural Remedy for Depression?

The other night I was on the subway and I experienced something that had not happened to me in over ten years of living in New York: a rat got onto the subway car just before the doors closed. People were screaming, jumping up on the seats, pointing and video taping,...