Contact - Justin Lioi, LCSW - Brooklyn, NY


(646) 872-6151

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     247 Prospect Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215

    Subway: Take the R to Prospect Avenue. Once you exit the station, make a right onto Prospect Avenue. (Hint: Walk on the left side of the street or you’ll soon discover that the sidewalk ends.) The entrance is just past 5th Avenue and it’s to the left of the Grand Prospect Hall (You know, “Where All Your Dreams Come True!”) To enter the building ring #4 and take the elevator (or steps) to the 4th floor. I’ll need to let you in, so be sure to ring #4 even if the door is unlocked.

    Please arrive right on time as–due to not having a waiting room–I won’t be able to buzz you in until your session.

    And if you’d like to bypass all the subway delays and traffic, we can talk about online sessions.