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Online Counseling

online counselingThis is a rough time.

COVID-19 increases all your stress, your anxiety, your depressive symptoms. Getting to a counselor’s office just isn’t feasible right now. I’ve been providing Online Therapy for several years now during this crisis it’s the only way to ensure that clients continue to get effective counseling support.

But Just What IS Online Therapy?

Online therapy can mean different things to different people. What I mean by online therapy is that we have our sessions using an online video service. It’s like Skype or FaceTime (although I don’t use either platform) and you can check out my virtual waiting room at Doxy.Me/JLioiLCSW

This means that you can be anywhere (well, almost!)–at home, at your office, even in your car (if you’re not driving, of course!) and have your session. It’s important to me to reach people whose lives make traveling to an office difficult. The guys who may forgo counseling because of all the other work-life issues and would otherwise choose to not take care of themselves.

People have concerns, understandably, and studies have shown online therapy to be just as effective as in office therapy. Plus it has some added bonuses!

So, are you…

  • Social Distancing in your home, feeling stressed and worried about all the uncertainties? 
  • A man with a demanding job that wouldn’t get you to a counseling session for your lunch break or after the work day?
  • A dad who struggles with being away from your home?
  • Or do you live in an area of New York State that just doesn’t have many counselors OR lacks counselors that specialize in working with men?
  • Outside the USA and are looking for online counseling with a men’s counselor?

Well, having sessions online may make getting support doable!

Benefits of Online Counselingonline counseling_1

  • Can do it from (almost) anywhere!
  • No one needs to know where you’re going once a week
  • Get more of your time back
  • Feel relaxed and at ease in your own space

Call or email me if you’d like to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to discover if online counseling is for you.

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