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Thank you to Jessica Fowler for including me, yet again, in her monthly What Your Therapist is Reading post.  This January, to celebrate the return of the awesome Cumberbatch/Freeman pairing on the BBC’s Sherlock, I reread A Study in Scarlet–the first...

A Novel of Self-Reflective Masculinity

All therapists have different levels of what they share about themselves with clients. Each month Jessica Fowler on her website JLF Counseling Services gives you a glimpse into the literary-ness of your shrink with What Your Therapists Are Reading. I’ve linked...
How Becoming a Father Changes You

How Becoming a Father Changes You

I was really fortunate to be a part of Jessica Fowler’s monthly post What Your Therapists are Reading. Jessica is a therapist in Rochester, NY who, among working with a variety of individual clients also runs a Mommy’s Time Out Support group. My entry on...


I’ve been reading the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain and find it exciting to see pop culture focusing on the people who aren’t always comfortable grabbing the spotlight. Cain has a great quote...