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Video: Paternal Post-Partum Depression

Video: Paternal Post-Partum Depression

We’re seeing more and more that depression often shows up differently for men than it does for women. While we’ve gotten better at supporting women who are suffering from Post Partum Depression, studies are showing that more fathers are also showing signs...

Being Productive By Doing Nothing

We hear it all the time: Our world is so fast paced People work too hard Gotta keep going One more hour We know it’s not good for us, but we keep going and going and going. What would be so bad if we were keyed into our needs well enough to know when we should...

Weekly Roundup: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

So the blizzard that wasn’t happened this week. I was glad I could meet with some clients online and no one had to risk slipping or the frozen rain hitting you in the face. This weekend will bring more snow even though spring is (supposedly) around the corner....
Getting Back Up After a Break Up

Getting Back Up After a Break Up

Sometimes you feel like diving into a deep, dark hole after a break up. You feel you’ll never meet anyone again, and actually, you have no desire to meet someone. You just feel pretty much done. The idea of dating again is not desirable, and if it is, it’s...