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[VIDEO] Raising a Shame-Free Child

TRANSCRIPTION: Fathers today are still often thought of as secondary caregivers. Often in therapy I have to ask about my client’s dads because their mothers are so prominent. But dads, no matter what, have a strong impact on us. And those of you watching who are dads...
How to Admit You Don’t Know

How to Admit You Don’t Know

I wrote a post a while back on intuition. Particularly on how we’re rarely as intuitive as we think and how often we shy away from admitting not knowing something. The post was actually a little controversial–a lot of people have a lot invested in our...
Where Is Your Competitive Side Hiding?

Where Is Your Competitive Side Hiding?

Competition is motivating to a lot of people, but many feel it’s just unhelpful and destructive. But hiding your competitive side may be hurting you more than you realize. Competition is another one of those things that seems binary: I’m a competitive person or I’m...